Transparency and connectivity in the steps required to obtain your medication.

Connect to your Health.

Your healthcare providers and specialty medication caseworkers perform a significant amount of work on your behalf to maximize the chances of reimbursement for your medication. OkRx provides you with visibility into the steps your circle of care undertakes and allows you to collaborate on any forms they may require from you. All this leads to you receiving the treatment you require sooner.

Patient and Caregiver Connectivity
Digital Prescriber Connectivity

Connect to your Care Team.

OkRx works to integrate your doctor, nurse, pharmacy team, clinics, Patient Support Programs (PSPs), and all your drug plans in one place for you. With information updated in real-time and the ability to send messages to your circle of care, OkRx reduces time spent waiting on the phone for updates.

Provide Consents, update information and electronically sign the documents your healthcare team must complete to provide your specialty medication care and treatment, all through a secure cloud-based solution.

Explore how we support all specialty medication stakeholders.