Providers can spend more time with patients and less on paperwork when they collaborate on drug Prior Authorization (PA) and Patient Support Program (PSP) enrolments forms digitally through a single online platform.

OkRx FormSmartTM reduces the current hassles of specialty drug prior authorization by offering a convenient location to quickly and securely start and complete PA and enrolment forms to help reduce time to treatment.

Information Collection

Collecting information from multiple stakeholders for a PDF form is challenging. OkRx FormSmartTM allows users to select information fields they would like completed and send digital request to recipients for easy online completion.

Electronic Signature

Request and capture electronic signatures on any computer or mobile device for insurer prior authorization and PSP enrolment forms. Have the option to send it to any patient, plan holder, caregiver, spouse, or prescriber.

Online Form Library

Search patient program enrolment and insurer prior authorization forms for any drug product or drug coverage plan.

System Integrations

Quickly complete prior authorization and program enrolments for patients through integrations with EHRs, pharmacy systems, and enterprise solutions such as Salesforce to auto-fill digital fields.

Status Tracking

Easily track and manage forms sent, received, and completed through a secure online profile.

Simplified Form Builder

Easily transform your PDFs into digitized forms with easy-to-use admin functions to create and modify forms with version control and release tracking.

EZ Programs

Allow Prescribers to find your specialty program services and enroll patients in your offerings within minutes. Provide healthcare providers with real-time, digital visibility into status of enrolment and other service-level requests of the Patient Support Program.

Consent Management

Capture Consents from patients and healthcare providers through verbal, email, electronic, QR, or SMS options for PSP enrolments and services.

Digital Financial Assistance

Allow approved healthcare providers to generate electronic co-pay assistance cards for drug brands in real-time at the point of prescribing.

Care Groups

Share visibility into patient forms and enrolments between users from the same healthcare organization or circle-of-care through customizable Care Groups.

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