Unparalleled connectivity to the stakeholders you rely on to deliver the values of your drug brand.

Do not lose prescriptions your drug brand has earned.

Decrease prescription abandonment, improve PSP capture rates, and improve time-to-therapy for the patients on your drug brand. Patients experiencing delays in accessing medication due to complex Prior Authorization and PSP process have a direct impact on prescriber decisions to initiate therapies. Our cloud-based platforms help facilitate access to information and centralized workflows between your drug brands and stakeholders.

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Benefits of connecting your Programs to our interfaces.

  • Reduce patient abandonment.
  • Increase market access insights and controls.
  • Remove barriers to patient care for your drug brands.
  • A common platform for all your Programs using current data standards and built-in data integrity.

Connect your CRM to our stakeholder facing digital tools.

Leverage the modern interfaces and APIs of OkRx to connect with your internal CRMs for an end-to-end digital solution across all your Patient Support Programs for your specialty medication stakeholders.

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Explore how we support all specialty medication stakeholders.